2nd Amendment Rally – North Carolina Is “Catching Fire”

There was a large turnout for the 2nd Amendment Rally in Raleigh, NC on January 19, 2013. This is the beginning of the people “catching fire” to secure our right to bear arms under the 2nd amendment. As outlined here, contact your state representatives and senators and make North Carolina pass legislation nullifying any (more) federal legislation limiting the 2nd amendment.

Thanks to Raymond Bonaparte for organizing this event. The next 2nd Amendment event is on February 5th organized by Grass Roots North Carolina.

David DeGerolamo

GRNC Alert 1-18-2013: Second Amendment Freedom Rally Rescheduled – Plan to Attend!

Show up on February 5!

Let legislators where you stand!

Important note: This rally was rescheduled from January 23 due to the legislature unexpectedly adjourning until the end of the month. We want them to see you there!


WHAT: This is the revised information for the Second Amendment Freedom Rally at the General Assembly in Raleigh. It’s your chance to DO SOMETHING TO DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS. 

WHENTuesday, February 5, at 12:00 noon. Sure, it’s mid-day of the work week; just do what it takes to be there!Make your arrangements now! This is the only time when we can be sure that legislators will see you and get your message: “NO COMPROMISE ON GUN RIGHTS!” 

WHERE: Halifax Mall between the Legislative Building and the Legislative Office Building in Raleigh. The General Assembly is at 16 West Jones Street, Raleigh, NC 27601.

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First in the Nation! Beaufort County, NC Adopts Federal Gun Laws Nullification Resolution !!

Today was a great day for North Carolina. Beaufort County took the first step nationwide to adopt a Federal Gun Laws Nullification resolution!!  The resolution was passed unanimously by the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners and was greeted by overwhelming support. The resolution was written in strong terms, stating that no county official, paid employee, or resource will be used to cooperate with or enforce federal gun regulations. It also calls on the NC General Assembly to pass an act to nullify the implementation of any federal law, executive order, or regulation which restricts the right to keep and bear arms within the state of North Carolina, as well as to propose an amendment to the state constitution to enlarge gun rights.

ABC and Fox News were there to cover the event and Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center has spent the entire day getting the story out nationwide.

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1). TODAY !!  North Carolina’s first Nullification Action! –  Today (Friday), January 18th, at 3:00 pm, the Beaufort County Commissioners will introduce a Second Amendment Nullification Resolution to protect the citizens of Beaufort County from the reaches of the government in their attempts to strip the protections of the Second Amendment.  They have the votes needed to adopt the resolution.  It will be a historic moment for North Carolina.  Please attend the meeting of the Beaufort County Commissioners as they take this important step. The meeting will be held at the Administration Building, in the Commissioner’s Board Room, 121 West Third Street, Washington, NC (one block over from the Courthouse).

2).  LiberTEA Event ! –  Saturday, January 26 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm at the Warehouse Restaurant, Winterville —  The ENC Tea Party will be partnering with the Republican Liberty Caucus to educate the public on how ordinary concerned citizens can exert political power within the NC GOP in order to affect the leadership and future direction of the party.  We are calling the event the “LiberTEA” event.  We hope this will be the first of many partnered events.

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Japanese Broadcasting to Join Asheville Tea Party at Gun Appreciation Day in Brevard on Saturday, Jan 19th

NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation and sole public and largest TV broadcaster in Japan, is joining Asheville Tea Party (ATP) at Bear Arms Shooting Range in Brevard on Saturday, January 19, 2013. Asheville Tea Party is celebrating the First National Gun Appreciation Day at Bear Arms.  NHK is having a special report on the gun issue that will broadcast nationally in Japan at the end of January.  NHK requested our permission to attend tomorrow’s event.

Chairperson Jane Bilello thanked NHK reporter, Takeshi Yamasaki: “Thank you so much for your interest in this vital issue regarding every person’s inalienable right to bear arms without infringement from any government. We would be very honored to have you there. We look forward to meeting you tomorrow. “

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TEA Party of Henderson County

Hi all:

Reminder: This Saturday January 19 at 10 AM at the Hendersonville Library, one of the 9/12 patriotic groups in our area, rather than going to a gun range, is offering an interesting lecture to show support for our constitutional rights.  County Sheriff Charlie McDonald will be speaking about the 2nd Amendment, followed by local gun manufacturer Ryan Croft, who will do a session on understanding the differences in types of guns, particularly as it relates to the term “assault rifle.”

There may also be some additional information regarding prepping for any mayhem that may be coming our way as King Obama continues to trample the constitution. 

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Action Alert- Contact Head of NCDMV

As you may or may not know, the NCDMV had started issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens ever since President Obama enacted his Deferred Action Program. The practice was stopped a couple of weeks ago until the NCDMV could get a ruling from NC Attorney General Roy Cooper, whether the illegal aliens qualified for one under NC law in conjunction with the Presidents’ program.Today (1/17/2013) the NC Attorney General ruled that illegal aliens DO qualify for a drivers’ license in NC under the Deferred Action Program of the Obama Administration.

However, it is not against the law to deny them one either. Many other states do not. It is up to the State. Just because we can give them one, doesn’t mean we should give them one. A NC drivers’ license is a privilege reserved for law abiding NC residents, not a right guaranteed to law breaking illegal aliens.

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Firearm Confiscation by Law Enforcement in a Nutshell

The video was filmed at the Moccasin Creek Minutemen meeting on the 2nd amendment in Zebulon, NC on January 17, 2013. Three North Carolina sheriffs  addressed a group of over 200 people who are concerned that the federal government will infringe upon our 2nd amendment rights. The consensus after the meeting is that we are now even more concerned about our right to bear arms. All three sheriffs (Donnie Harrison-Wake County, Jerry Jones-Franklin County and Carey Winders-Wayne County) assured the people that they would not confiscate our firearms. The reason: the federal government will not pass legislation restricting the 2nd amendment.

However, if Congress did pass such legislation, they would enforce the law and we must work through the legal or legislative system to change it. I personally want to extend my appreciation to these sheriffs for meeting with us. I also personally believe that they are all good men. But: Continue reading