Illegal aliens are raping their way through North Carolina’s children

Charged with first-degree sex offense with a child under 13 and indecent liberties with a minor.

Charged with first-degree sex offense with a child under 13 and indecent liberties with a minor.

So the Republicans control the House, Senate and Governor’s office. But the Democrat Attorney General Roy Cooper (who ran unopposed in the last election) makes the state issue drivers licences to illegal aliens. Why? The list of NC Representatives is included below if you have an opinion that you want to share.

David DeGerolamo

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From the

In recent years, the illegal alien population in North Carolina has exploded thanks to ‘sanctuary policies’ in several cities and counties throughout the state.

Most recently, the welcome mat was made even larger for those who enter this country illegally by the Tarheel State, when the North Carolina DMV began issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Of course, these decisions and disastrous policies have been made over the very loud objections of many North Carolinians. However, as is so often the case, the desire for cheap labor and commerce has trumped the rule of law and the safety of the citizens.

Not surprisingly, as with any location that has a large concentration of Mexican and Central American illegal aliens, the children are truly paying the price for that so-called ‘cheap labor.’


List of House Representatives:

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Moccasin Creek Minutemen Meeting – Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Gadi AdelmanOur March 12th meeting will be held, as usual, at Fargos Cattle Co. in Zebulon, NC.  Come early, around 6 pm and let’s have dinner together and good fellowship.  Our regular meeting begins at 7 pm.

Our speaker will be Mr. Gadi Adelman, a counter terrorism expert and advisor.  His parents moved to Israel at an early age and through his experiences, as well as time in the Israeli Army, he has become an expert in Middle Eastern Islamic ties and their unorthodox  religion.  Included below is a bio of Mr. Adelman.

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GRNC Alert 3-8-2013: Support Pro-Gun Bills in NC Legislature!

Constitutional amendment, campus carry, & more…

SB 190: ‘Gun on Ed. Prop./Stored in Locked Car’

Drafted with assistance from GRNC and sponsored by Sen. Bill Cook(R-Beaufort, Camden, Currituck, Dare, Gates, Hyde, Pasquotank, Perquimans, GRNC ****), SB 190 would allow concealed handgun permit-holders to keep firearms in locked motor vehicles on educational properties, further permitting their removal for defensive purposes. Although the bill is not the full campus carry bill which GRNC is shepherding (and which will soon be introduced), SB 190 would apply to all concealed handgun permit-holders, unlike other bills introduced to date. Beyond providing limited means for self-defense, it would prevent thousands of parents, taking children to school, from becoming accidental felons.

HB 246: ‘The Gun Rights Amendment’

First, let us note that the main mover behind the bill, Rep. Larry Pittman (R-Cabarrus, GRNC ****), is arguably the greatest patriot in the General Assembly. He is already being attacked for his patriotism, and we need to defend him.

HB 246 is admittedly a “hail Mary” pass. If passed, however, it would be the most comprehensive expansion of gun rights in North Carolina history. In addition to removing language from Section 30 of the North Carolina Constitution which says, “Nothing herein shall justify the practice of carrying concealed weapons, or prevent the General Assembly from enacting penal statutes against that practice”, it would expand concealed carry into restaurants, court buildings, assemblies for which admission is charged, and elsewhere.

HR 63: ‘Support Right to Bear Arms’

Sponsored by Rep. Michael Speciale (R-Beaufort, Craven, Pamlico, GRNC ****), HR 63 simply reaffirms the Second Amendment and North Carolina Constitution language on the individual right to keep and bear arms, notes that the Obama administration is proposing restrictions on that right, notes that gun control has not been found in studies to be effective, and passes on that purely symbolic reaffirmation to the North Carolina congressional delegation.

GRNC normally doesn’t expend resources on non-binding resolutions and, frankly, considered this so non-controversial we didn’t even issue an alert prior to its hearing in the House Rules Committee. But that was before North Carolinians “Against Gun Violence” rallied its radicals against the resolution, whining:

Despite the rhetoric about ‘individual rights’ and gun laws being unconstitutional, five years of legal decisions show, legislators and activists should feel confident that a variety of smart laws are constitutional, desperately needed, and desired by the majority of North Carolinians!”


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HB 353 Opposition to the Game Fish Bill

From Lisa Marley:

Below you will find a letter written by Browny Douglas, the Dare County Republican Party Chairman.  This letter was sent to every member of the North Carolina General Assembly, and Governor Pat McCrory. This letter is in firm opposition to House Bill 353, The Game Fish Bill.  If you are not familiar with HB 353, you can read the bill by going to On the “Find a bill”, enter the session 2011 to 2012 and enter the Bill No. HB353.

This bill cuts the legs out from under commercial fishing industry by designating certain fish off limits to them; only to be caught by a select, small sector of  recreational fishermen. This bill WILL eliminate existing jobs; this bill WILL  essentially kill the commercial fishing industry in North Carolina, and this bill WILL hit Dare County particularly hard.
In the BIGGER picture, this bill will deny nine million consumers (the total North Carolina population) access to locally caught fresh North Carolina seafood; allowing only those who want to catch, kiss, release, and or eat TOTAL access  to certain species.
It has been said that “this bill calls upon one’s moral compass”.  Indeed it does.
Please add your voice to Browny’s and call and or email Representative Bob Steinburg  and  State Senator Bill Cook . 
Mr. Steinburg’s  contact information is 919-733-0010; his email is
Mr. Cook’s contact information is 919-715-8293; his email is

Tell them to vote NO on this bill.

Text of Letter sent to the General Assembly and Governor Pat McCrory by Browny Douglas.  

2nd Amendment Town Hall – March 13, 2013

On Wednesday, March 13, there will be a non-partisan Town Hall meeting for all residents of Lee County in Sanford, NC.  The subject will be: the Constitution, the Second Amendment and the position of Authorities.

Speaking from our State Government will be newly elected Lt. Governor, Dan Forrest.

Speaking from our judiciary will be sitting Administrative Court Judge, Beecher Gray.

Speaking for county law enforcement will be Sheriff Tracy Carter.

Speaking for our statewide advocacy group, Grass Roots North Carolina, will be Thomas Rhyne.

All citizens are urged to attend.  Time will be allotted for audience questions.

Time:  5:00 PM (later attendees will be welcome)

Location: Lee County Arts Center Auditorium
                507 N Steele Street
               Sanford, NC

Coordinator: Frank Del Palazzo

Contact: 919 – 776 – 9835 –

Public Hearing on Voter ID

Public Hearing on Voter ID
NC House Elections Committee

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Room 643
Legislative Office Building
NC General Assembly
16 W. Jones Street
Details on how to comment during this public hearing have not been released.  Keep checking the official calendar for instructions (when available).
Chaired by Rep. David Lewis and Rep. Tim Moore
NCFRW commends for getting this important issue underway in a deliberative fashion.
Rep. David Lewis (Email)
Rep. Tim Moore (Email)

Thanks to the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women for this notice.

NCFIRE ACTION ALERT: Email to NC Leadership- HB141


Members of the NC General Assembly need our help. They need help moving HB141- DACA Beneficiaries/Drivers License Moratorium out of committee. Time is critical. The NCDMV will begin reissuing licenses to illegal aliens on March 25th unless they are stopped.Please send the following message to the 4 individuals listed below. (Don’t forget to send this email to all your friends so they can contact the Leadership as well)

“I urge you to support NC HB141- DACA Beneficiaries/Drivers License Moratorium. This bill is currently sitting in the Committee on Rules, Calendar and Operations of the North Carolina House. Chairman- Representative Tim Moore (R- Cleveland County).This bill would give the General Assembly the time necessary to study all the ramifications of issuing licenses to DACA eligible illegal aliens in North Carolina.

I feel the decision of the NCDMV, to begin reissuing licenses to DACA eligible individuals on March 25th, was made in haste and below the level of Government necessary to make such a decision.

I strongly urge you to slow this process down by supporting HB141 and give our elected officials time to thoroughly study the effects of granting driving privileges to DACA eligible illegal aliens in North Carolina”.

Lt. Gov. Chief of Staff:  Hal Weatherman
NC House Speaker: Rep. Thom Tillis-
NC House Speaker Pro Tempore:  Rep Paul Stam- Paul.Stam@Ncleg.Net
President Pro Tempore of the Senate: Sen. Phil Berger-

Thank you,James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement