Paul Valone of GRNC on New NC Gun Rights Law (HB 937)

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Paul Valone of GRNC Discusses New NC Gun Rights Law (HB 937)

After months of political game playing and puerile posturing, the North Carolina Legislature finally passed HB 937, and it has been signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory.

HB 937 (entitled “Amend Various Firearms Laws”) is a major advance in North Carolina to protect the 2nd Amendment Rights guaranteed to each of us by The Constitution.


In summary, the primary provisions of HB 937 allow persons with a valid concealed carry permit to possess and carry a firearm as follows:

  1. in restaurants serving alcohol as long as the person with the firearm does not consume alcohol and is not himself intoxicated
  2. in venues that charge admission such as movie theaters and concerts
  3. in parades and funerals
  4. on educational property and state-owned property (certain conditions apply)

The law also provides for other protections:


2013 Fall NC PATCON Update: Two (2) months to go. Wednesday October 2nd to Monday October 7th

Please remit your fees ASAP.  $20 plus classes. If you prefer writing one check, you can send it to me. Updates below with more coming.

If you are planning to attend the October PATCON,  please remit your fees ASAP, but NLT 20 September.  $20 plus classes. If you prefer writing one check, you can send it to me.

Brock Townsend
319 Holly Lane
Cape Carteret, NC 28584

The funds will be used for seating, tables, Eastern North Carolina Barbecue with all the trimmings, equipment and the tent. We would like to encourage company sponsors to donate money for this event. Any company donating $50 or more will be listed as a sponsor on the website and at the PATCON.
Camping available Wednesday – Sunday.

The PATCON will be held at:

94 Roberson School Rd*

Tarboro, NC 27886 

*The map above shows the front entrance for only those camping. As you cross the second set of cattle guards, camp to the right in the area with fruit trees alongside the fence and a fire pit in the middle.  For those not camping,  use the map below.  It shows the entrance by the graveyard and parking will be in the area of the two tobacco barns.

94 Roberson School Rd

We will be offering an 8 hour ICAC class on Thursday, an 8 hour CQB class on Friday and a 4 hour medical class on Sunday.


We will be offering an 8 hour ICAC class on Thursday, an 8 hour CQB class on Friday and a 4 hour medical class on Sunday.

ICAC Course

Thursday October 3rd 2013

10 – 6
Course description:

Public Service Announcement – Survival Expo


Public Service Announcement

August 1, 2013

The New Bern area has suffered the effects of many hurricanes. There’s no reason to think we’ve finished dealing with them. In addition there’s always the possibility that we’ll have to deal with longer term emergencies. For example, are you prepared to cope if solar flares or a cyber-attack took down the electricity grid along the east coast for an extended period of time? How well could you deal with the situation if a terrorist attack shut down the distribution system, and the grocery stores emptied out, and resupply were delayed for a couple of weeks?

These are not pleasant things to think about, but being prepared can make a huge difference for your family. For that reason, the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association is sponsoring a Survival Expo on Saturday, August 10th at 2 p.m. at the Highland Park Christian Church, 905 Carolina Avenue, Trent Woods. There will be speakers and displays.

Stanley Kite, Craven County Emergency Services Director, will speak on what government can do to help and what you need to do to look after yourself and your family. Brad Cummings will speak on being financially prepared. Don Murdoch will discuss providing food and water with emphasis on what is needed if the grocery shelves are empty for a period of time. Larry Herwig will speak about whether to stay at home or leave in various circumstances and how to defend yourself and your home if the need should arise. Matt Schwob will talk about how alliances among neighbors can help. Mark Jones will speak about goods to barter.

It’s better to be prepared and not need it, than to need it and not be prepared. The Expo is open to all. We want the people of our community to be ready to look after themselves and help their neighbors.

Raynor James, PR Chair, Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association (CCTA)


NCAR Monthly Meeting

The Golden Corral Restaurant 120 Gallery Center Drive Mooresville, NC 28117

I-77 at Hwy 150 at Exit 36

Saturday, August 24, 2013 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

The NCAR monthly meeting will commence at the Golden Corral Restaurant. The purpose of the meeting is primarily to discuss business matters of the state, but is also open to citizens and interested persons.

Please be prepared to purchase a meal.

The business portion of the meeting will begin promptly at 11:00 AM, and will finish up by 1:00 PM.

Yours In Liberty,

North-Carolina American Republic

“Impeach Obama” Nationwide Protest August 6th

Overpass Protest Movement Is Gaining Momentum

Grassroots are taking a stand. Literally. They are standing on overpasses all over the country with signs and flags showing drivers below and the media our collective outrage at this POTUS! And it is getting noticed. One can only hope eventually both the Republican Party and the Democrat Party will take notice, too. We have had enough!

Below is an article by Alan Keyes on the effectiveness of the overpass movement as a “bucket Brigade”. He says we must use impeachment as a litmus test for candidates in the 2014 election.

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