This Winston-Salem City Council meeting will be held on

Monday, September 16 at 7:00 PM

We need to pack this meeting with people bearing signs and public displays that “Guns Save Lives” in order to deliver the message to the media that we aren’t going away until Winston-Salem complies with the law.

The meeting will be held in the Council Chamber (Room 230), City Hall, 101 North Main Street. If you can make it, please contact GRNC coordinator Brian Reese at:

Please see below for all other alert details.


Concealed handgun supporters must be vigilant and fight local attempts to flout improvements to concealed carry!

As you recall, when GRNC successfully fought to pass concealed carry in state and municipal parks in 2011, some city governments opposed to the changes adopted ordinances with over-broad interpretations of what constitutes a “recreational facility” where they could still ban guns. Given that HB 937, which becomes law on Oct. 1, expands concealed carry into restaurants, campuses and into more areas of parks, you can expect more local government resistance.

The most egregious offender has been Winston-Salem, which effectively continues to ban guns on greenways, lakes and entire parks. In response, GRNC has taken two actions: First, our non-profit arm, Rights Watch International, filed a lawsuit against the city. Second, we went back to the legislature and successfully narrowed the definition of “recreational facility” such that local governments could no longer ban guns on athletic fields (except during organized events), or on playgrounds, greenways and walking trails, or open fields.

Winston-Salem stonewalls on lawsuit & continues to flout the law

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Spiritual Warfare in Rowan

Here is an opportunity for the RTPP to rise up and let our voice be heard.

Dr. Ron Baity, President of “RETURN AMERICA” is holding a prayer rally to support our county commissioners and they right to pray.

This is Rowan County’s “Lexington and Concord” moment. This could be the most important moment of our time.

The Rowan Tea Party Patriots wish to support this endeavor to support our county commissioners.

If you are willing to participate, please email Rick Johnson (RTPP Communications), so we can tell them how many we can provide.

Title your email  “COUNT ME IN.”

John Bare
RTPP Chairman

Rick Johnson –

OBX TEA Party: Sep 11 Overpasses Remember Benghazi & Impeach Event

Mark your calendars for September 11th for our next local Overpasses to Impeach 0bama event.

We are making headlines. Come, show your colors openly to your neighbors and friends. Maybe, just maybe, people will see us stand up unified for a good cause and will start to FINALLY wise up to the Marxist president who thinks he was elected to be our royal, unquestionable, infallible monarch (regardless of his race or mixture thereof)!

  • Remember Benghazi and the Navy Seals who died at the Libyan Embassy exactly one year ago!
  • Remember the Navy Seals team that died in the helicopter “accident”!
  • What about the rush to war with Syria!
  • What do you think about the unconstitutional Executive Orders to put us under international law!
  • And the little-by-little taking of our right to self-defense!
  • Illegal aliens are of interest to the left only as undocumented Democrats ready to overwhelm our election process to vote for their generous new masters – justice or stolen votes????

Do something besides swear at the television.

More details will follow.

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