C4GC’s Defending Liberty Rally

When: This Saturday, April 13th  –  12noon to 3pm
Weather: Sunny and 72 degrees

Where: Downtown Greensboro (301 W. Market Street)

Our MC will be Carmen Conners from 94.5 Rush Radio.

Other featured speakers:

Jodi Riddleberger – C4GC Founder

Clarence Henderson – Woolworth’s Sit-In Participant

Senator Trudy Wade – The Iron Lady of Guilford County

Paul Valone – President of Grass Roots NC & Defender of the 2nd Amendment

Jay DeLancy – Executive Director of the Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina

Lori Bardsley – GrassRoots Activist

Dr. Pete Kunkle – Senior Minister of First Christian Church Ministries

Live music from the band “Atlantic Coast Highway”

Papa Johns Pizza

Face Painting for the Kids

Creative Sign Contest

Lots of Patriotic Fun 

I hope to see you there!! 
Please bring your family and friends,
Jodi Riddleberger

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