Basic Rifle Course
December 2nd and 3rd
Tactical and Educational Building (TEB)
84 Roberts Road
Murphy, NC 28906

This course will start at 9:00 AM on 12/2. Instructors are licensed and insured by the NRA. Cost is $100 and must be paid by 11/22 to reserve your place. Couples will receive a 10% discount.

There are no prior requirements for this class other than a willingness to learn how to safely operate and maintain the Armalite Rifle (AR). This class is required for advanced classes. The first day is classroom based and the second day is on the TEB range (rain or shine).

Email questions to

Course Outline:

Day 1 

Safety Brief

AR-15 Weapons System Familiarization

Cleaning and Maintenance

How does the AR-15 work

Determine Master Eye

Safety Manipulation


Weapons Condition Check (Observe)

Search and Assess

Marksmanship Fundamentals

Natural Point of Aim

Sight Alignment and Sight Picture


Trigger Control

After each shot

Speed of Execution

Firing Positions

Gear Placement

Administrative Load

Tactical Reload

Combat or Speed Reload

Simple Malfunctions 

Day 2 

Zero Rifles

Range Drills

  • Rifle Drill 1: Up Drill
  • Rifle Drill 2: Reset Drill
  • Rifle Drill 3:  Reloads
  • Rifle Drill 4: Three Little Chickens Malfunction Drill

Items to bring:

AR-15 Rifle with adjustable sling

Chest rig

250 rounds 5.56/223 55 gr (No green tip). Reloads are not recommended.

6 empty 30 round AR magazines

Hearing protection

Eye protection


Cleaning supplies: solvent, lubricants, cotton patches, cleaning rod/tips.

Extra set of batteries for optics. Instructions for optics. This is not required if you will be using iron sights.


Appropriate clothing for rain and weather conditions

Lunch for both days

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This Winston-Salem City Council meeting will be held on

Monday, September 16 at 7:00 PM

We need to pack this meeting with people bearing signs and public displays that “Guns Save Lives” in order to deliver the message to the media that we aren’t going away until Winston-Salem complies with the law.

The meeting will be held in the Council Chamber (Room 230), City Hall, 101 North Main Street. If you can make it, please contact GRNC coordinator Brian Reese at:

Please see below for all other alert details.


Concealed handgun supporters must be vigilant and fight local attempts to flout improvements to concealed carry!

As you recall, when GRNC successfully fought to pass concealed carry in state and municipal parks in 2011, some city governments opposed to the changes adopted ordinances with over-broad interpretations of what constitutes a “recreational facility” where they could still ban guns. Given that HB 937, which becomes law on Oct. 1, expands concealed carry into restaurants, campuses and into more areas of parks, you can expect more local government resistance.

The most egregious offender has been Winston-Salem, which effectively continues to ban guns on greenways, lakes and entire parks. In response, GRNC has taken two actions: First, our non-profit arm, Rights Watch International, filed a lawsuit against the city. Second, we went back to the legislature and successfully narrowed the definition of “recreational facility” such that local governments could no longer ban guns on athletic fields (except during organized events), or on playgrounds, greenways and walking trails, or open fields.

Winston-Salem stonewalls on lawsuit & continues to flout the law

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Paul Valone of GRNC on New NC Gun Rights Law (HB 937)

Dr. Dan's Freedom Forum

ALERT: Special Program THIS WEEKEND on Freedom Forum Radio

Paul Valone of GRNC Discusses New NC Gun Rights Law (HB 937)

After months of political game playing and puerile posturing, the North Carolina Legislature finally passed HB 937, and it has been signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory.

HB 937 (entitled “Amend Various Firearms Laws”) is a major advance in North Carolina to protect the 2nd Amendment Rights guaranteed to each of us by The Constitution.


In summary, the primary provisions of HB 937 allow persons with a valid concealed carry permit to possess and carry a firearm as follows:

  1. in restaurants serving alcohol as long as the person with the firearm does not consume alcohol and is not himself intoxicated
  2. in venues that charge admission such as movie theaters and concerts
  3. in parades and funerals
  4. on educational property and state-owned property (certain conditions apply)

The law also provides for other protections:


Time for A Tea Party at Quail Ridge Books on May 28th

From Quail Ridge:

Our Town Meetings are always active affairs. Join us for our session on “Gun Violence in America: What Can or Should Be Done in Media, Politics and Mental Health” on Tuesday, May 28, at 7:30 p.m.

In the aftermath of Sandy Hook there has been a great deal of speculation as to what is contributing to the upswing in mass shootings and violence in the public arena. Three areas have been targeted specifically: the lack of affordable mental health care, violence in the media, and gun legislation.

Our panel includes: WRAL anchor and reporter David Crabtree,  psychiatrist, humanist and philanthropist Dr. Assad Meymandi, Congressman David Price, representing North Carolina’s 4th District. As always, we thank our co-moderators, Clay Stalnaker and Mamie Potter.

3522 Wade Ave
Raleigh, North Carolina

GRNC Alert 4-14-13: Stop Toomey-Manchin Sellout NOW!

Stop Toomey-Manchin Sellout NOW!

– Make calls to sellouts who voted for ‘universal gun registration’
– Show up at Sen. Burr’s district office to voice your displeasure

On Tuesday, April 16 at 10:00 AM, GRNC will be holding a demonstration at Senator Richard Burr’s district office in Winston-Salem to deliver the message that his sellout by voting for S. 659 will not be tolerated, and that if he votes for the Toomey-Manchin “compromise” described below, we will work to remove him from office. As always, please “dress for the press” — no offensive signs or clothing. Please note that firearms at demonstrations are prohibited by law. Suggested themes for signs: “Richard Burr: 2nd Amendment Sellout?” and “Burr: Vote ‘NO’ on Toomey-Manchin”. Please RSVP with number of people attending to: Yes, it’s a work day: BE THERE ANYWAY!

Burr’s office is at:  2000 West 1st St.,  Suite 508,  Winston-Salem, NC 27104. BRING LOTS OF FRIENDS! It you live too far away from this office, visit other district offices, which can be found at:

Update: Vote is on Tuesday

On Thursday, both Senators Richard Burr (R) and Kay Hagan (D) sold out gun owners by voting for the “motion to proceed” which will bring “universal gun registration” bill S. 649 to the Senate floor for debate this Tuesday. Hagan has been doing her best to camouflage her stance on the issue, while Burr had previously said he would support the Rand Paul filibuster, before switching sides and voting to proceed. Burr’s claims that he did so only when promised an open amendment process ring false: The most certain way to kill the bill would have been to deny it a floor vote.

‘See a shrink, lose your guns’

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Stop MAIG from taking your rights – Act Now

Gun Rights Supporters:

As you may know, the so-called Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) are feverishly working to advance the cause of unconstitutional laws in the interest of diminishing your inalienable rights as Americans. They are currently peddling a petition across North Carolina. According to their lapdogs at the supposed North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (NCGV) they have enlisted over 39,000 of your fellow NC citizens to sign this petition begging for the shackles of tyranny.

 What to do? What to do?

Ah Yes! Sign the Stop the Gun Ban Petition.

… And while you’re at it, have everyone you know also sign it…

You see, we need at least 40,000 signatures to beat this… So why not have EVERYONE you know sign our petition? Seriously, are you going to allow this handful of low level functionaries convince our elected representatives that their views reflect that of your fellow citizens? Will you allow them to speak for you? THIS CAN NOT GO UNCHALLENGEDYou MUST sign the Stop the Gun Ban Petition and have everyone within your reach do so as well. Contact your friends, family and of course your hunting and shooting buddies.

Let them know that it is the same tired old song. They – along with the Obama’s faithful old “Organizing for Action” radicals – claim to just be wanting some benign sounding background checks, touting the “gun show loophole,” but you had best believe they are pushing for universal gun registration.

Now is not the time to be shy or to tarry. Thomas Paine stated in his Summer Soldier writings:

…the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly…”

  Indeed, we must not rest on our laurels and allow others to bargain away the freedoms our founders struggled to secure for us. We must exceed the numbers gathered by MAIG, that is necessary if we are to keep Senator Kay Hagan from going all in with the national gun grabbers. If we can put their numbers to shame, then we can use this to deliver the proper political fear to the good Senator’s advisers and prevent her from being a reliable vote for their cause.

Don’t wait. Your rights are depending on this. Remember, your rights are your responsibility. Ignore them and they will go away.

Armatissimi e liberissimi,


F. Paul Valone

President, Grass Roots North Carolina

P.S. As an all-volunteer organization, GRNC is member-funded. Right now, we are engaged in battles for your rights at both state and federal levels and, frankly, our resources are being tested.

Please consider contributing $50, $25, or even $10 to help GRNC bring the battle to those who would end gun ownership in America.

GRNC Alert 3-8-2013: Support Pro-Gun Bills in NC Legislature!

Constitutional amendment, campus carry, & more…

SB 190: ‘Gun on Ed. Prop./Stored in Locked Car’

Drafted with assistance from GRNC and sponsored by Sen. Bill Cook(R-Beaufort, Camden, Currituck, Dare, Gates, Hyde, Pasquotank, Perquimans, GRNC ****), SB 190 would allow concealed handgun permit-holders to keep firearms in locked motor vehicles on educational properties, further permitting their removal for defensive purposes. Although the bill is not the full campus carry bill which GRNC is shepherding (and which will soon be introduced), SB 190 would apply to all concealed handgun permit-holders, unlike other bills introduced to date. Beyond providing limited means for self-defense, it would prevent thousands of parents, taking children to school, from becoming accidental felons.

HB 246: ‘The Gun Rights Amendment’

First, let us note that the main mover behind the bill, Rep. Larry Pittman (R-Cabarrus, GRNC ****), is arguably the greatest patriot in the General Assembly. He is already being attacked for his patriotism, and we need to defend him.

HB 246 is admittedly a “hail Mary” pass. If passed, however, it would be the most comprehensive expansion of gun rights in North Carolina history. In addition to removing language from Section 30 of the North Carolina Constitution which says, “Nothing herein shall justify the practice of carrying concealed weapons, or prevent the General Assembly from enacting penal statutes against that practice”, it would expand concealed carry into restaurants, court buildings, assemblies for which admission is charged, and elsewhere.

HR 63: ‘Support Right to Bear Arms’

Sponsored by Rep. Michael Speciale (R-Beaufort, Craven, Pamlico, GRNC ****), HR 63 simply reaffirms the Second Amendment and North Carolina Constitution language on the individual right to keep and bear arms, notes that the Obama administration is proposing restrictions on that right, notes that gun control has not been found in studies to be effective, and passes on that purely symbolic reaffirmation to the North Carolina congressional delegation.

GRNC normally doesn’t expend resources on non-binding resolutions and, frankly, considered this so non-controversial we didn’t even issue an alert prior to its hearing in the House Rules Committee. But that was before North Carolinians “Against Gun Violence” rallied its radicals against the resolution, whining:

Despite the rhetoric about ‘individual rights’ and gun laws being unconstitutional, five years of legal decisions show, legislators and activists should feel confident that a variety of smart laws are constitutional, desperately needed, and desired by the majority of North Carolinians!”


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2nd Amendment Town Hall – March 13, 2013

On Wednesday, March 13, there will be a non-partisan Town Hall meeting for all residents of Lee County in Sanford, NC.  The subject will be: the Constitution, the Second Amendment and the position of Authorities.

Speaking from our State Government will be newly elected Lt. Governor, Dan Forrest.

Speaking from our judiciary will be sitting Administrative Court Judge, Beecher Gray.

Speaking for county law enforcement will be Sheriff Tracy Carter.

Speaking for our statewide advocacy group, Grass Roots North Carolina, will be Thomas Rhyne.

All citizens are urged to attend.  Time will be allotted for audience questions.

Time:  5:00 PM (later attendees will be welcome)

Location: Lee County Arts Center Auditorium
                507 N Steele Street
               Sanford, NC

Coordinator: Frank Del Palazzo

Contact: 919 – 776 – 9835 –

GRNC Alert 2-24-13: Fight Pending Attack by Obama Radicals

On Feb. 25 & 26, make ‘Five Phone Calls for Freedom’

Friday, February 22, will witness an unprecedented attack on your rights as Obama mobilizes his army of left-wing activists to push for federal gun bans. “Roll Call” recently ran a piece entitled, “Organizing for America Plans ‘National Day of Action’ to Mobilize Grass Roots on Guns.” It went on to say:

Organizing for Action is planning its first official mobilization in support of President Barack Obama’s proposals to curtail gun violence. The nonprofit that inherited Obama’s campaign infrastructure and 2 million strong volunteer army will hold a ‘national day of action’ on Feb. 22, officials said Tuesday.”

If that doesn’t scare you, it should

What you are seeing is “Barry the Community Organizer” doing what he does best: Attacking your rights using millions of rabid radicals who will stoop to any level of deceit in order to control you. The grass roots initiative began with his State of the Union address, in which he packed the house with families of victims of mass killings. Next, Obama went on the road to sell his plan at schools in Atlanta and elsewhere.

Now is joining the fray by running TV ads that proclaim, “The NRA doesn’t speak for me.” In case you didn’t know it, these are the same folks that you brought you “ACORN”; is funded by the left wing “Tides Foundation” which is itself funded by none other than freedom-hating billionaire George Soros.

Your voice needed now more than ever

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Here is the list for 223 2nd Amendment Rallies in North Carolina on February 23, 2013. Add your event by contacting the planners at

I guess Raleigh is rallied out.

David DeGerolamo


Asheville, NC Day of Resistance
Location: Pack Square
Time: 12p
Sponsoring Organization: Mountain Area Citizens’ Political Action Committee
Organizer Contact: Andrea or Cody Boyer,, 828-423-3105
Facebook Page:

Burke County, NC Day of Resistance
Location: Old Burke County Courthouse Lawn
Time: 1pm
Sponsoring Organization:
Organizer Contact: Jonathan Baird
Facebook Page:

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