How We Got Here

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MARK YOUR CALENDARS! If you are interested in an honest and factual account of the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the 14th Amendment, join the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association (CCTA) on Monday evening, September 19 at 7:00 pm at the Stanley Ballroom, 305 Pollock St, in New Bern. Speakers will be John Ainsworth and Cliff Muncy of AMERICA’S REMEDY.

John is the founder of America’s Remedy, a non-partisan educational think tank, whose focus, through education and legal activism, is to re-establish America and her demi-sovereign states on a free and Constitutional foundation. As a strong advocate of lawful, constitutional government, and passionate in his service to see America re-claimed, John took two years off of work in 1995 to research America’s derailing. John has over 19 years of study and has been involved in over 15 court cases. In 1997, John was involved in re-establishing the de jure state of North-Carolina. He has hosted and co-hosted a number of television and radio programs, and he has had numerous speaking engagements across the eastern U.S.

John Ainsworth poses the question —Did National Citizenship Eliminate State Rights?

Where state-rights and a limited federal government are desirable, is it counter-productive that Americans participate in a national form of citizenship? Was citizenship always a national concept? Is it our own unquestioning patriotism and participation in national U.S. citizenship which prevents us from having states which can act free of national “indefinite supremacy”?

Black’s Law defines a state as a “self-sufficient body of persons, united together in one community for the protection of their rights”. With this information in mind, let’s ask ourselves — What happened to our sovereign states? What are these states we have today, and for whom were they created

Join the CCTA as Reconstruction historian and legal activist John Ainsworth sheds new light on our history, to reveal a specific, pivotal transformation that occurred to our system of government which eliminated the concept of state-loyal, state citizens from the American political landscape.

Diane Rufino

Spiritual Warfare in Rowan

Here is an opportunity for the RTPP to rise up and let our voice be heard.

Dr. Ron Baity, President of “RETURN AMERICA” is holding a prayer rally to support our county commissioners and they right to pray.

This is Rowan County’s “Lexington and Concord” moment. This could be the most important moment of our time.

The Rowan Tea Party Patriots wish to support this endeavor to support our county commissioners.

If you are willing to participate, please email Rick Johnson (RTPP Communications), so we can tell them how many we can provide.

Title your email  “COUNT ME IN.”

John Bare
RTPP Chairman

Rick Johnson –

OBX TEA Party: Sep 11 Overpasses Remember Benghazi & Impeach Event

Mark your calendars for September 11th for our next local Overpasses to Impeach 0bama event.

We are making headlines. Come, show your colors openly to your neighbors and friends. Maybe, just maybe, people will see us stand up unified for a good cause and will start to FINALLY wise up to the Marxist president who thinks he was elected to be our royal, unquestionable, infallible monarch (regardless of his race or mixture thereof)!

  • Remember Benghazi and the Navy Seals who died at the Libyan Embassy exactly one year ago!
  • Remember the Navy Seals team that died in the helicopter “accident”!
  • What about the rush to war with Syria!
  • What do you think about the unconstitutional Executive Orders to put us under international law!
  • And the little-by-little taking of our right to self-defense!
  • Illegal aliens are of interest to the left only as undocumented Democrats ready to overwhelm our election process to vote for their generous new masters – justice or stolen votes????

Do something besides swear at the television.

More details will follow.

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Rowan TEA Party Patriots

Join us on June 18th, 2012 for our monthly meeting.
Blue Bay Seafood
2050 Statesville Blvd, Salisbury, NC

 We will have a meeting to discuss new leadership and current events. This will be an important meeting because of everything that is/has happened over the past several months and years. It is clear there is a line that has been drawn in the sand between the Federal Gov. and We the People. Pres. Obama has stepped way over his Constitutional duties and is attaching the citizens of the United States everyday with his actions. All the while Congress does nothing to stop him and his administration. Politicians on both sides are supporting him on Amnesty, NSA surveillance, IRS scandal, and other issues. If there was ever a time to take a stand it is now. While it is fine to meet and air our dis-like for what is happening, now is the time to take a course of action and make a plan on how to prepare for everything that is happening. I urge you to get your family and friends to come to this meeting. If they do not see what is happening to our country now they never will. It is up to you to be ready. Everything that we love and cherish about our country is being turned on its head.

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Common Core Presentation – ENC Tea Party

By Bob Luebke

From Civitas
June 6.
At 6:30 PM

Queen St Deli
117 Queen St
Kinston, NC

Parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents you Do Not want to miss this!

Bring your family and friends to learn about the truth regarding Common Core.

— Shalom,

Karen deJong Kozel

Director, ENC Tea
Director, ENC Homeschool

Time for A Tea Party at Quail Ridge Books on May 28th

From Quail Ridge:

Our Town Meetings are always active affairs. Join us for our session on “Gun Violence in America: What Can or Should Be Done in Media, Politics and Mental Health” on Tuesday, May 28, at 7:30 p.m.

In the aftermath of Sandy Hook there has been a great deal of speculation as to what is contributing to the upswing in mass shootings and violence in the public arena. Three areas have been targeted specifically: the lack of affordable mental health care, violence in the media, and gun legislation.

Our panel includes: WRAL anchor and reporter David Crabtree,  psychiatrist, humanist and philanthropist Dr. Assad Meymandi, Congressman David Price, representing North Carolina’s 4th District. As always, we thank our co-moderators, Clay Stalnaker and Mamie Potter.

3522 Wade Ave
Raleigh, North Carolina

ENCTeaParty Update: Common Core


I’m attaching an article from “Truth in American Education” about a bill (H733) that’s been filed in NC to Study Common Core.  There’s been a lot of concern voiced from many across our state and nation related to Common Core.  You may not have children in the school system, but do you have Grandchildren, nieces or nephews or relatives with school age children? Or do you know any young people? Look at them closely because the education they are getting today will help them govern us tomorrow.  They are our future.  What do you want them learning in the classroom?  Read the article and the embedded John Locke Foundation April 10, 2013 Spotlight about Comon Core.  Next, contact your NC House Rep (John Bell 919-344-6324 or e-mail and or George Graham 252-527-6865 e-mail and ask them to please support H733.

http:// common-core-state-standards/ common-core-study-bill-filed- in-north-carolina/

ENCTeaParty Event

This Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 6:30pm Mr Algenon Cash will be presenting a seminar about HYDRAULIC FRACTURING at the Queen Street Deli, 117 S Queen St., Kinston, (252) 527-1900.

In 2012, Mr Cash was named Chairman and Small Business Ambassador for the North Carolina Energy Forum, the state’s leading citizen group for domestic energy education and advocacy. In this role, Algenon travels around the state to speak with Rotary clubs, small business owners, and community organizations about the importance of pursuing homegrown energy resources in North Carolina including oil and natural gas. Algenon’s goal is to help business owners and voters understand the benefits that energy can have on our economy, our workforce, and our national security.  He will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure. This is a very timely discussion
since fracking will become a reality in NC.


Immediately following this presentation WILD BILL FOR AMERICA will be making a special apprearance to discuss his views and latest videos.  On Sat., April 13th Wild Bill recently visited with John Nix, President of the CSS Neuse Foundation aboard the CSS Neuse II where his next video was filmed and will be aired Mon., April 22nd on Youtube and on his website,

Wild Bill’s videos have gone viral over the past 12 months and he is now working fulltime traveling the nation to promote his core values which consist of guarding America’s freedom and heritage, promoting biblical values, speaking out boldly on the most important issues of our time and to keep America as ONE NATION UNDER GOD WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!

“Wild” Bill Finley, is a Retired US Marine, an ex Deputy Sheriff and an ex Deputy US Marshall.  Wild Bill graduated from Montana Bible College and has served on the mission field around the world.  Wild Bill is also a Security Specialist who has tackled Islamic violence and intimidation head on, recruiting and traing security teams to protect missionaries serving around the world.

Please come early, as this evening is sure to be a standing room only event.

OBX TEA Party Update & Committee Meeting 18 Apr 2013


Our regular meetings are twice monthly: 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 6 pm at His Dream Center located at 205 E. Baltic in Nags Head. Our next regular meeting is Thursday April 25th. The topic will be Sustainable Development – presentation dry run for our planned symposium. Check our website for schedule updates about our meetings and other news.

If you wish to promote a patriotic event, let us know so we can rally around to support you. Time and energy are limited but we intend to help save this country for our grandkids so don’t hesitate to make a suggestion. We thank GOD for our active young people, veterans and senior citizens!

2013 IS AN ELECTION YEAR FOR MUNICIPALITIES Deadline to file to run as a candidate for a municipality seat is July 2013. Don’t delay in recruiting good conservative candidates and finding treasurers. Go to for more information (list of openings is not yet posted).

INSURANCE PETITION: Maybe you saw our photo on the front page of the Outer Banks Sentinel! Go to Thank you, Jordan Hennessy, for the photo and the link. Thank you, Ed Beckley, for press releases and the petition! Thank you, OBX TEA Party members, for posing for the photo and helping get signatures!

We have well over 400 signed petitions (with 1 -15 signatures each). Until further notice we will continue to collect signatures on petitions to request a hearing on the increase of our NC homeowners insurance policies. The planned hearing was cancelled when our NC Insurance Commissioner, Wayne Goodwin, “settled” with the insurance companies. Some of us on the coast will see an increase of 17% or more. We want to know how rates are set and why they don’t seem to be based on historical payouts. Email me for a copy of the petition or go to the OBX TEA Party Patriots Facebook page to find the image. Email scanned image of signatures to me or mail to 904 Clipper Court KDH NC 27948.

Call your insurance agent about your new flood insurance rates. The homeowners insurance hike may pale compared to the increase in coastal flood insurance. Google BW-12 flood insurance to see why.


Committee Meeting Apr 18th: Anti-Agenda 21 Symposium

The OBX TEA Party is planning to host a free networking symposium a Saturday in May 2013(probably May 11th) to provide hard data and access to knowlegable speakers for anyone interested in learning more and sharing real-life stories about the threat of United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century (aka Agenda 21). The success of the symposium will depend upon the efforts of those of us who understand the scope of this invasive cancer and are committed to taking action against it.

For comprehensive summary information, go to

We collected ideas about signs and speakers at our regular meeting last week. Does anyone have housing available for our guest speaker and his wife? The OBX TEA Party has some funds but let’s minimize the hit to our budget.

Everyone available to help plan – a little or a lot – is encouraged to come to the second planning committee meeting Thursday, April 18th, at 6:00 pm at His Dream Center at 205 Baltic in Nags head.

If you can’t make this meeting but want to help, email me at Thank you, patriots!


Breakfast and Bullets 9:00 am First Thursdays

First Thursdays each month we meet for dutch treat breakfast at TL’s restaurant in Manteo at 9:00 am and then go to OBX Gun Club for practice, weather permitting. There is a fee to shoot at the gun club if you are not a member. Join us for both or either.


Rowan TEA Party Patriots – April Meeting

This is a quick announcement more details coming. We will have a meeting on April 16th, 2013. Things are moving quick and we all need to be engaged and active, please come to this important meeting and invite your friends and other family members.

April 16th, 2012
Blue Bay Seafood Rest.
2050 Statesville Blvd
Salisbury, NC

6-7pm dinner
7pm-till Meeting