Something the Patriot Community Can Support

There has been much talk concerning how the Patriot Community will come together when the time is right.

Let’s see if we can get 100,000 people to sign this petition to free Dwight Lincoln Hammond, Jr. and Steven Dwight Hammond from prison. Click here or pick the image below and sign your name. Please share this information if you believe now is that time to come together.

David DeGerolamo


NCAR Official Meeting this Saturday Feb. 1st, 2014

NCAR Monthly Meeting Reminder

 Saturday, February 1st, 2014: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

The Golden Corral Restaurant
120 Gallery Center Drive
Mooresville, NC 28117
(I-77 at Hwy 150, Exit 36)
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For those in attendance, please plan to purchase a meal.

A Letter From Our New Chief Magistrate

To the People of the North-Carolina American Republic:I thank you for entrusting me with the position of Chief Magistrate. With this position I seek to be a servant to you all. I also seek to grow and strengthen this body politic. In the time we have ahead of us, my hope and prayer is that this de jure state of ours, in this tumultuous political climate, will be able to increasingly find justice for our citizenry. As I’ve expressed in our first meeting of the year 2014, my hope is that we will each be able to contribute personally to the growth of this state, through an organized plan. My hope is that each subsequent layer of new citizens and elected representatives will strive to continue the cycle of education, growth, and discipleship, so that we can move toward an increased public awareness of our peaceful counter-revolution.

Considering the current condition of our de jure state, and a prevalent recognition of the de facto state, we cannot afford to be complacent or lax in our actions. We cannot afford to lose clarity or focus over falsehoods, misinformation, or patriot mythology. We cannot afford not to help one another or not to be a community, in fact a state, to protect each other and all citizens. We cannot afford to lose hope because of bad results. Rather, we must stay consistently obedient to the truth.

As I examine history, I’ve come to the understanding that it is just as important to personally stand for liberty, as it is to have people in place to protect it. This is true patriotism. The citizens of this state stand on a foundation of truth — a foundation which ought to be protected. And so I ask for the help of all involved in this re-established Republic. Let us each be renewed with a new focus, to understand our mission as stated by our Declaration of Re-establishment, and to re-define and execute our goals for these coming years.

I look forward to seeing my fellow citizens and officers at this next meeting on Saturday, February 1st, 2014.

Yours In Liberty,
Cliff Muncy
Chief Magistrate

2013 Fall NC PATCON Update: Two (2) months to go. Wednesday October 2nd to Monday October 7th

Please remit your fees ASAP.  $20 plus classes. If you prefer writing one check, you can send it to me. Updates below with more coming.

If you are planning to attend the October PATCON,  please remit your fees ASAP, but NLT 20 September.  $20 plus classes. If you prefer writing one check, you can send it to me.

Brock Townsend
319 Holly Lane
Cape Carteret, NC 28584

The funds will be used for seating, tables, Eastern North Carolina Barbecue with all the trimmings, equipment and the tent. We would like to encourage company sponsors to donate money for this event. Any company donating $50 or more will be listed as a sponsor on the website and at the PATCON.
Camping available Wednesday – Sunday.

The PATCON will be held at:

94 Roberson School Rd*

Tarboro, NC 27886 

*The map above shows the front entrance for only those camping. As you cross the second set of cattle guards, camp to the right in the area with fruit trees alongside the fence and a fire pit in the middle.  For those not camping,  use the map below.  It shows the entrance by the graveyard and parking will be in the area of the two tobacco barns.

94 Roberson School Rd

We will be offering an 8 hour ICAC class on Thursday, an 8 hour CQB class on Friday and a 4 hour medical class on Sunday.


We will be offering an 8 hour ICAC class on Thursday, an 8 hour CQB class on Friday and a 4 hour medical class on Sunday.

ICAC Course

Thursday October 3rd 2013

10 – 6
Course description:

“Impeach Obama” Nationwide Protest August 6th

Overpass Protest Movement Is Gaining Momentum

Grassroots are taking a stand. Literally. They are standing on overpasses all over the country with signs and flags showing drivers below and the media our collective outrage at this POTUS! And it is getting noticed. One can only hope eventually both the Republican Party and the Democrat Party will take notice, too. We have had enough!

Below is an article by Alan Keyes on the effectiveness of the overpass movement as a “bucket Brigade”. He says we must use impeachment as a litmus test for candidates in the 2014 election.

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Voter ID hearing April 10th at 4pm Raleigh, Legislature Rm 643: Sign up now

Apparently, the “rent-a-mob” that crowded out all other speakers at the last public forum made an impact.  So, after their GOP caucus last  night, the Legislature has scheduled another public forum on the issue  of voter ID. Let me be clear: this is NOT the time to call Legislators.  It is time to show up and be heard.
IT IS CRITICAL THAT OUR SIDE SHOWS UP FOR THE HEARING THIS TIME. It will be in Raleigh next Wednesday, April 10 at 4 PM, Legislative  Office Building Room 643 but the sign-up for this meeting is this  morning. Key to getting heard at the forum is to sign up ASAP.
The page they used last time is the same one they are now using. The  problem last time was that Rev Barbour was able to bus in his ranters  who had signed up before Conservatives even knew about the link. This  time we have it!
I realize that most of us have to work for a living, so this will be a major sacrifice… BUT a good law is in the  balance. If you, your family or your friends want to see a REAL voter ID law in NC, then please forward this to your friends and ask them to  sign up NOW.
Thanks (in advance for this one)!
Jay N. DeLancy, LtCol, USAF (Ret)
Executive Director
Voter Integrity Project of NC
(Office) 919.429.9039
(Cell) 919.332.4129
Twitter: @VoteChecker