Fix 589 — The Stealing Hands Ad

Call or write your representative. Tell him or her there are FAR too many forms of acceptable voter IDs in this Bill (H589)

THE PROBLEM:  As passed by the North Carolina House, HB 589 is seriously flawed! It will not stop any organized criminal voter fraud programs. In fact, the Beaufort Observer called the bill a “Fake” Voter ID Bill.  Here’s why:
  • The law allows expired driver’s licenses to be used as voter id. Learn more
  • The law allows up to 500 different types of id cards to be used as voter id. Learn more
  • The law will not be enforced until after the 2014 election. Learn more
THE SOLUTION:  The bill now goes to the North Carolina Senate, where it must be fixed.  It will most likely come up for a vote in the Senate in June.  Here’s how HB 589 can be fixed:
  • Allow only the following as valid id:  unexpired driver’s license or non-operator’s license, valid military id (with proof of residency), current US passport (with proof of residency)
  • Any voter who does not have one of these valid IDs will still be able to vote, but must sign an affidavit attesting to their identity.  Affidavits will include a digital photograph that will be taken at the polls.  This affidavit will become a part of the public record and will be retained for a minimum of 22 months (as ballots are already retained).