ENCTeaParty Update: Common Core


I’m attaching an article from “Truth in American Education” about a bill (H733) that’s been filed in NC to Study Common Core.  There’s been a lot of concern voiced from many across our state and nation related to Common Core.  You may not have children in the school system, but do you have Grandchildren, nieces or nephews or relatives with school age children? Or do you know any young people? Look at them closely because the education they are getting today will help them govern us tomorrow.  They are our future.  What do you want them learning in the classroom?  Read the article and the embedded John Locke Foundation April 10, 2013 Spotlight about Comon Core.  Next, contact your NC House Rep (John Bell 919-344-6324 or e-mail John.Bell@ncleg.net and or George Graham 252-527-6865 e-mail George.Graham@ncleg.net and ask them to please support H733.

http:// truthinamericaneducation.com/ common-core-state-standards/ common-core-study-bill-filed- in-north-carolina/

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