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Gun Appreciation Day, January 19th, 10 am

We will meet at Red’s Carolina Outfitters/Red’s Army/Navy store in Kitty Hawk (neighbor to Daniel’s Homeport) to show our appreciation for our suppliers who help us protect our homes and loved one. We welcome others to join us at Red’s on the 19th and to join our group to stand up for liberty.

US Constitutional Studies: We Need to Walk the Walk Not Just Talk the Talk

Watch for details in the next few weeks about a training course to be offered right here in the Outer Banks. Carole Warnecki is taking the lead on this program. Our material has been prepared by a renowned scholar with specific expertise in the US Constitution. Why is America the only people on the face of the earth to be blessed with freedom? What did the Founding Fathers get right? What happens to our kids and grandkids if we don’t protect it?

UN Agenda 21 – Stealthy Evaporation of Our Private Property Rights

A symposium is planned for the April time frame to enlighten those who continue to scoff as their very our property rights vanish. Related topics will be access to legislative material showing local and national support for addressing the threat; information about the impact to our seafood industry, farmers, home builders, planning and zoning, schools and business community and success stories from across the country. We hope to bring in experts to speak about the first and second UN Earth Summits, how to extract sustainable development and smart growth cancers from our communities as well as scores of other topics. There are dozens of great videos for display. One outcome will be an expanding network of folks ready to fight to keep our private property rights before it’s too late. Items for display but we are not planning to sell items (snacks maybe) or charge admission. This is a public service, not a fund-raiser.

Monthly Target Practice at the Outer Banks Gun Club

Outer Banks TEA Party members will gather the first Thursday of each month for breakfast (Dutch treat) followed by a trip to the Outer Banks Gun Club for some social target shooting. Join us at TL’s in Manteo at 9:00 AM for breakfast. Target practice will follow for an hour or two – nothing formal just hanging out together having fun while brushing up on our skills. Plans are subject to change based on weather, etc. Restaurant locations may rotate between TL’s and Darrell’s. Stay tuned for the latest by visiting our Facebook page. Bring your family and friends.

Civitas Conservative Leadership Conference March 1 -2 in Raleigh

Civitas announced that John Lott author of “More Guns, Less Crime”, Jason Lewis, and Michelle Malkin will be speaking. Cost is $200. Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley. Register at _Conservative Conference

Odd Notes

* TEA Party Badges – Margarette Umphlett volunteered to help us learn each other’s names by organizing name tags with lanyards purchased by the OBX TEA Party. She will take responsibility for handing out and collecting at the end of our meetings – please, don’t take them home with you.

* TEA Party Activism – Continue to contact our elected officials and send in Letters to the Editor because this fight is not going to let up anytime soon.

* Dare County GOP Meeting Wednesday January 16th at KDH Town Hall at 7 PM – There have been many recent political races successfully won by TEA Party enthusiasts running as Republican Conservatives. Let’s continue to join their ranks to pull the Republican Party (local, state and national) more toward the direction our Founding Fathers intended. Get your voter registration up-to-date and get out to support your precinct. Party Chairs are needed in some precincts.

  • Next Meeting – Thursday January 24th at 5:30 PM at Western Sizzlin’ in Kill Devil Hills.
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Visit our website at http://obxteaparty.com

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