OBX TEA Party: Sep 11 Overpasses Remember Benghazi & Impeach Event

Mark your calendars for September 11th for our next local Overpasses to Impeach 0bama event.

We are making headlines. Come, show your colors openly to your neighbors and friends. Maybe, just maybe, people will see us stand up unified for a good cause and will start to FINALLY wise up to the Marxist president who thinks he was elected to be our royal, unquestionable, infallible monarch (regardless of his race or mixture thereof)!

  • Remember Benghazi and the Navy Seals who died at the Libyan Embassy exactly one year ago!
  • Remember the Navy Seals team that died in the helicopter “accident”!
  • What about the rush to war with Syria!
  • What do you think about the unconstitutional Executive Orders to put us under international law!
  • And the little-by-little taking of our right to self-defense!
  • Illegal aliens are of interest to the left only as undocumented Democrats ready to overwhelm our election process to vote for their generous new masters – justice or stolen votes????

Do something besides swear at the television.

More details will follow.

Liberals and Multiculturalism – One World Government Tool to Control Us

Excerpt from videos to understand the modern liberal mind by Evan Sayets:

“. . . The multiculturalist must de facto [become] a[n] apologist for tyranny [emphasis mine].

“He must also de facto become antagonist to liberty [emphasis mine]. And, in fact, if you extrapolate this out to all of those who are indiscriminate across the board, not just with regard to culture, but they must de facto become antagonistic towards all that is good, right, and successful. And antagonistic towards all that is evil, failed, and wrong. Think about it this way: if we can agree, if we can stipulate that the United States is the most successful nation in human history, that we are the most prosperous — that we are the strongest, that we are the most ingenuous and creative and productive.

“If we can stipulate that, this needs to be explained. And in essence there are only two possibilities to explain this. Either there is something exceptional about our culture, about our founding documents, about the unprecedented Judeo-Christian heritage, about our Protestant work ethic, whatever it is, it combines to create culture. And that what is exceptional about our culture nurtures productivity, prosperity, strength.

“Or there is nothing special about our culture and, therefore, our success is an unjust. And the duration we are now finishing the first decade of the second American century. The duration and the magnitude of our success makes this injustice not just accidental, not just some luck along the way. It’s got to be proof positive of our having cheated. Our success is de factor unjust and the degree of our success proves that we are the most unjust peoples in the history of the world [emphasis mine].

“At this point the modern liberal, the multiculturalists has already taken one of those two possibilities off the table. He cannot believe that it is an exceptional culture because he wouldn’t be a multiculturalist if he could[emphasis mine]. So with only two possibilities and having removed one of them from the table, the modern liberal does not have to engage in what he considers a hate crime which is rational and moral thought because the answer is pre-ordained.”

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2 thoughts on “OBX TEA Party: Sep 11 Overpasses Remember Benghazi & Impeach Event

  1. are there any retired army tea party patriots in Alamance or Guilford county who are active in this movement? My husband yells at the tv when Benghazi is mentioned.

  2. Tom, I’ll comment on two thngis here; Obama didn’t inherit a bad economic situation, he helped create it. Then he chose the totally wrong path to fix the problems, and continues to race down that path in his apparent efforts to break the economy so he can fix it in his vision of what we should be. You speak of Obama saving the auto industry as if the industry would have ceased to exist, that is patently wrong. What he did, especially with GM, was strip the investors, bond holders and stock holders of their investments, giving those shares to the UAW and taking ownership by the government. Then, GM and Chrysler went to bankruptcy court anyway. No jobs were saved , they weren’t going to be lost. If you have trouble believing me, read up on Delta Airlines. Check with the 20,000 Delphi employees that lost out, then try again to explain how successful that ordeal was. Also check with the independent franchise dealers for both GM and Chrysler to see how that worked out, many of them got closed down including one of the local dealers here.Funny you should bring up the birth certificate. Back in the mid to late 90 s up until he decided to run for the Presidency, Obama claimed he was born in Kenya. That is common knowledge and in print. Then his story changed. When he got called on it, he spent millions of dollars (of someone else’s money) to conceal his birth certificate and other records. That doesn’t raise a question in your mind? It would have been a very simple thing for him to release his birth certificate and be done with it. Then, years later he throws an obvious forgery out there, arrogantly saying here it is, the real thing . Still no suspicion going on? He lied about is relationship with William Ayers and Rev. Wright, still no curiosity? The deception and dishonesty exuding fom this president is appalling, made more so by the continued support he gets, which often defies reason.Here’s what the Right have to offer to the national discourse We want honesty. We want the truth, even if it hurts. We will not condone corruption at any level. We believe in the principles this country was founded on. We believe the laws were written for ALL to follow, without exemptions for political position or connections. We haven’t seen those principles from the left, and the definition of compromise isn’t okay, we’ll do it your way Reply

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