OBX TEA Party Update & Committee Meeting 18 Apr 2013


Our regular meetings are twice monthly: 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 6 pm at His Dream Center located at 205 E. Baltic in Nags Head. Our next regular meeting is Thursday April 25th. The topic will be Sustainable Development – presentation dry run for our planned symposium. Check our website for schedule updates about our meetings and other news.

If you wish to promote a patriotic event, let us know so we can rally around to support you. Time and energy are limited but we intend to help save this country for our grandkids so don’t hesitate to make a suggestion. We thank GOD for our active young people, veterans and senior citizens!

2013 IS AN ELECTION YEAR FOR MUNICIPALITIES Deadline to file to run as a candidate for a municipality seat is July 2013. Don’t delay in recruiting good conservative candidates and finding treasurers. Go to http://www.darenc.com/boe/filinginfo.asp for more information (list of openings is not yet posted).

INSURANCE PETITION: Maybe you saw our photo on the front page of the Outer Banks Sentinel! Go tohttp://obsentinel.womacknewspapers.com/ Thank you, Jordan Hennessy, for the photo and the link. Thank you, Ed Beckley, for press releases and the petition! Thank you, OBX TEA Party members, for posing for the photo and helping get signatures!

We have well over 400 signed petitions (with 1 -15 signatures each). Until further notice we will continue to collect signatures on petitions to request a hearing on the increase of our NC homeowners insurance policies. The planned hearing was cancelled when our NC Insurance Commissioner, Wayne Goodwin, “settled” with the insurance companies. Some of us on the coast will see an increase of 17% or more. We want to know how rates are set and why they don’t seem to be based on historical payouts. Email me for a copy of the petition or go to the OBX TEA Party Patriots Facebook page to find the image. Email scanned image of signatures to me atmjlawson@microcharged.com or mail to 904 Clipper Court KDH NC 27948.

Call your insurance agent about your new flood insurance rates. The homeowners insurance hike may pale compared to the increase in coastal flood insurance. Google BW-12 flood insurance to see why.


Committee Meeting Apr 18th: Anti-Agenda 21 Symposium

The OBX TEA Party is planning to host a free networking symposium a Saturday in May 2013(probably May 11th) to provide hard data and access to knowlegable speakers for anyone interested in learning more and sharing real-life stories about the threat of United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century (aka Agenda 21). The success of the symposium will depend upon the efforts of those of us who understand the scope of this invasive cancer and are committed to taking action against it.

For comprehensive summary information, go to http://fttf.sharepoint.com/Pages/TheNewNormal.aspx

We collected ideas about signs and speakers at our regular meeting last week. Does anyone have housing available for our guest speaker and his wife? The OBX TEA Party has some funds but let’s minimize the hit to our budget.

Everyone available to help plan – a little or a lot – is encouraged to come to the second planning committee meeting Thursday, April 18th, at 6:00 pm at His Dream Center at 205 Baltic in Nags head.

If you can’t make this meeting but want to help, email me at mjlawson@microcharged.com. Thank you, patriots!


Breakfast and Bullets 9:00 am First Thursdays

First Thursdays each month we meet for dutch treat breakfast at TL’s restaurant in Manteo at 9:00 am and then go to OBX Gun Club for practice, weather permitting. There is a fee to shoot at the gun club if you are not a member. Join us for both or either.


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