This site will go back to its original intent: organizing patriot groups by announcing events across the state of North Carolina.

If you want to help develop and post events, email me at

8 thoughts on “NCFreedom

  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I had a hard-drive crash and lost my posts, but I wasn’t worried b/c I was going to get them here.

    Couldn’t you have sent out an email letting people know?

    • Contrary to the misrepresentations in the past, I did not have control over the email lists. If you would like to retrieve copies of your previous posts, contact Dean Logan. The database for that site IP address is still intact.

  2. The thing I found most valuable on this site before was the calendar; so that I could know what was coming up and where. Any chance of that getting resurrected? Seems we need to get a whole lot more active again.

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