Rowan TEA Party Patriots

Join us on June 18th, 2012 for our monthly meeting.
Blue Bay Seafood
2050 Statesville Blvd, Salisbury, NC

 We will have a meeting to discuss new leadership and current events. This will be an important meeting because of everything that is/has happened over the past several months and years. It is clear there is a line that has been drawn in the sand between the Federal Gov. and We the People. Pres. Obama has stepped way over his Constitutional duties and is attaching the citizens of the United States everyday with his actions. All the while Congress does nothing to stop him and his administration. Politicians on both sides are supporting him on Amnesty, NSA surveillance, IRS scandal, and other issues. If there was ever a time to take a stand it is now. While it is fine to meet and air our dis-like for what is happening, now is the time to take a course of action and make a plan on how to prepare for everything that is happening. I urge you to get your family and friends to come to this meeting. If they do not see what is happening to our country now they never will. It is up to you to be ready. Everything that we love and cherish about our country is being turned on its head.

 Also, this didn’t start with Barrack Obama, there have been many before him, starting with the founder of the Progressive Party and the one of the Republicans favorite Presidents,Theodore Roosevelt. Woodrow Wilson took the Progressive movement to the next level after he was elected and others have followed his lead. So, don’t think that the Progressives are just on one side of the aisle. You might recognize them as RINO’s(Republicans In Name Only). This has been going on for over a 100 yrs. The time to stand up to these Progressives, that want to destroy what has made this country great has long passed.

PS. Don’t let yourself be fooled that all this has happened because of just the Democratic Party. Both the Dems and Republicans are to blame for everything that has happened to our country. WE are also to blame for allowing this to continue. When the people we elect put their own self interest and political affliction over principles, values and serving the people who have elected them. We get a ruling class that thinks, they are above We the People. They are not above the law or they people who elected them, they work for us and we are not serfs or slaves. No man will rule over me or my family, We are ruled by God and no other.

God Bless,


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