Sheriff calls for rational debate on gun violence

McDonald addresses Henderson County 9-12 Project at library

Henderson County Sheriff Charlie McDonald called Saturday for a “serious, rational debate” on effective methods of curbing gun violence, and said it’s too soon to know the local impact of executive orders the president signed this week.

McDonald joined Buncombe County gun manufacturer Ryan Croft as guest speakers for a two-hour Second Amendment discussion in Kaplan Auditorium at the main Henderson County Library on Saturday morning. The event, attended by about 50 mostly pro-gun citizens, was hosted by the Henderson County 9-12 Project, a nonprofit, conservative Christian community group in Western North Carolina.

“Until I am tasked with doing something specific as a sheriff that is illegal or against the Constitution, we can sit here and argue about what-ifs, but nobody has come to my door,” McDonald said of President Barack Obama’s orders.


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