HB 353 Opposition to the Game Fish Bill

From Lisa Marley:

Below you will find a letter written by Browny Douglas, the Dare County Republican Party Chairman.  This letter was sent to every member of the North Carolina General Assembly, and Governor Pat McCrory. This letter is in firm opposition to House Bill 353, The Game Fish Bill.  If you are not familiar with HB 353, you can read the bill by going to ncleg.net. On the “Find a bill”, enter the session 2011 to 2012 and enter the Bill No. HB353.

This bill cuts the legs out from under commercial fishing industry by designating certain fish off limits to them; only to be caught by a select, small sector of  recreational fishermen. This bill WILL eliminate existing jobs; this bill WILL  essentially kill the commercial fishing industry in North Carolina, and this bill WILL hit Dare County particularly hard.
In the BIGGER picture, this bill will deny nine million consumers (the total North Carolina population) access to locally caught fresh North Carolina seafood; allowing only those who want to catch, kiss, release, and or eat TOTAL access  to certain species.
It has been said that “this bill calls upon one’s moral compass”.  Indeed it does.
Please add your voice to Browny’s and call and or email Representative Bob Steinburg  and  State Senator Bill Cook . 
Mr. Steinburg’s  contact information is 919-733-0010; his email is bob.steinburg@ncleg.net.
Mr. Cook’s contact information is 919-715-8293; his email is bill.cook@ncleg.net.

Tell them to vote NO on this bill.

Text of Letter sent to the General Assembly and Governor Pat McCrory by Browny Douglas.