Moccasin Creek Minutemen Meeting – Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Gadi AdelmanOur March 12th meeting will be held, as usual, at Fargos Cattle Co. in Zebulon, NC.  Come early, around 6 pm and let’s have dinner together and good fellowship.  Our regular meeting begins at 7 pm.

Our speaker will be Mr. Gadi Adelman, a counter terrorism expert and advisor.  His parents moved to Israel at an early age and through his experiences, as well as time in the Israeli Army, he has become an expert in Middle Eastern Islamic ties and their unorthodox  religion.  Included below is a bio of Mr. Adelman.

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Letter to the Citizenry from Sheriff Jerry Jones

Citizens of Franklin County North Carolina,

As most of you are aware I attended a meeting at Fargo’s Restaurant in Zebulon some weeks back. The purpose of the meeting was simple, to provide clarification to the citizenry as to where your Sheriffs stand with regards to your 2nd Amendment Rights to Keep and Bear Arms. Particular interest was given to the possibility of any new Federal Laws and/or restrictions and how each Sheriff would react should such measures be taken. Since that community meeting I have received countless emails and letters from concerned citizens within Franklin County. In response to these concerns please allow me, as the Sheriff of Franklin County, to make the following declarations.

As the Sheriff of Franklin County North Carolina I have sworn an oath, as have the men and women who serve under me, to “Support and maintain the Constitution and laws of the United States, and the Constitution and laws of North Carolina not inconsistent therewith”. When I swore to this oath it was not intended on my part to be merely ceremonious in nature. Those words have meaning. They represent the very basis of what makes our society different from so many others worldwide. We have established a form of Government which derives its powers from the governed, as is clearly stated in our Constitution. Our founding fathers recognized that each of us is born equally into this world with certain rights. These rights were put to paper in clear and concise wording for all to understand, even future generations.

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Firearm Confiscation by Law Enforcement in a Nutshell

The video was filmed at the Moccasin Creek Minutemen meeting on the 2nd amendment in Zebulon, NC on January 17, 2013. Three North Carolina sheriffs  addressed a group of over 200 people who are concerned that the federal government will infringe upon our 2nd amendment rights. The consensus after the meeting is that we are now even more concerned about our right to bear arms. All three sheriffs (Donnie Harrison-Wake County, Jerry Jones-Franklin County and Carey Winders-Wayne County) assured the people that they would not confiscate our firearms. The reason: the federal government will not pass legislation restricting the 2nd amendment.

However, if Congress did pass such legislation, they would enforce the law and we must work through the legal or legislative system to change it. I personally want to extend my appreciation to these sheriffs for meeting with us. I also personally believe that they are all good men. But: Continue reading


As a follow-up to my prior post, we now have Sheriff Steve Bizzell from Johnston County joining Sheriff Donnie Harrison of Wake County and Sheriff Jerry Jones of Franklin County at the 2nd Amendment meeting. KC & Carmen from 106.1 should be there as well.

We have put the word out about the meeting and now it is up to you to take the time to come; we need you and we need to show up show up in numbers. Don’t let us down.

Joe Taylor

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Moccasin Creek Minutemen Alert

On January 16th, the Moccasin Creek Minutemen will meet with Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison. He will be outlining his position on the 2nd amendment and any infringements of our rights by the federal government.

Fargo Cattle Co Steakhouse
1007 Shepard School Road
Zebulon, NC 27597
Wednesday, January 16th, 2013
7:00 PM

Visit the Moccasin Creek Minutemen site for more information.


David DeGerolamo